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Frequently Asked Questions

Some useful FAQs are listed below. Click on the question to read the answer.

  • » What leads to poor air quality?
  • » What are the effects of poor air quality?
  • » Is poor air quality harmful to health?
  • » Can I do anything?
  • » Is It Harmful to Me?

    Air pollution can have harmful effects on the health, in particular to the lungs and airways. There is increasing evidence that poor air quality can also lead to heart attacks and premature death in people who are already ill. Research by the government has shown that between 14,000 and 24,000 people per year may be admitted to hospital due to poor air quality reasons. However poor air quality is not just harmful to humans but also to the environment. Pollutants from Europe can affect the UK by chemically reacting in the atmosphere to produce secondary pollutants such as acid rain or ozone, as well as contributing to global warming. At no time should levels of pollutants within this area cause you ill effects unless you already have existing chronic health problems such as Asthma.

    Is there more risk if I have Asthma?
    The information on the levels of pollution and the effects on an individual's health is available on the 'About Air Quality' page. Depending on the level of quality there is slightly more risk to asthma sufferers and those sensitive to air pollutants.

    I live near a busy road will this affect my health?
    Air pollution differs depending on where you are. The countryside will have a lower level of pollution than an inner city, just as living down a dirt track road will have a lower level of pollution than next to a busy road. However depending on the difference in the level of pollution reported on the main site this will not noticeably increase the risk to your health.

  • » What is the current level of air pollution in South Holland and how can I find out more about air quality and pollution levels in the UK?

Active Monitoring Stations

The active monitoring sites in the South Holland area are listed below. Click on a site name to view more information.
Spalding Monkshouse School
Westmere school

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