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Non-automatic Diffusion Tube Data

Listed below are links to the non-automatic diffusion tube data for South Holland. The file format of the file is shown next to the download link.

2022 [xlsx]

2021 [xlsx]

2020 [xlsx]

2019 [xlsx]

2018 [xlsx]

2017 [xls]

2016 [xls]

2015 [xls]

2014 [xls]

2013 [xls]

2012 [zip]

2011 [zip]

2010 [xls]

2009 [xls]

2008 [xls]

2007 [xls]

2006 [xls]

CSV CSV files are commonly opened using Microsoft Excel, although many other alternatives exist. As they are just text files you can also open them in a text editor.

Active Monitoring Stations

The active monitoring sites in the South Holland area are listed below. Click on a site name to view more information.
Spalding Monkshouse School
Westmere school

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